Video Program 2021


➤ The Festival is supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.


◆ Energy of the book: Blitz interview with the participants of festival



◆ Performance ‘Love. Sea. Night’



◆ Dispute ‘Adult Problems of Children`s Literature’



◆ BookChef presents a series of books by teacher Pavel Viktor



◆ Vikentiy Kugel. The view of the photographer. Presentation of the publication



◆ Sergey Demchuk. ‘12 ounces of love’



◆ Roksolana Sioma and Pavlo Matyusha. Book presentation



◆ ‘Books From Those Who Are Kind’



◆ Discussion ‘New Measurement of Freedom of Expression’



◆ The Sword of Damocles of the Ukrainian Literature: How a Counterfeit Kills the Book Market



◆ Artem Chapai ‘About Humanity’. Conversation with the Writer



◆ To Hear in Ukrainian: a conversation with a literary editor, Olga Dubchak, about the sounds and letters of the Ukrainian language



◆ Tatiana Trofimenko. One can`t help but stop criticising



◆ Mark Livin. Literature as Therapy



◆ Soiree of Metaphors 2021



◆ Mikhail Son at the ‘Soiree of Metaphors’



◆ Muratov at the ‘Soiree of Metaphors’



◆ Anna Stremynska at the ‘Soiree of Metaphors’



◆ Mayya Dimerli at the ‘Soiree of Metaphors’



◆ Roman Kapitonov at the ‘Soiree of Metaphors’



◆ Ayya Perfilʹyeva at the ‘Soiree of Metaphors’



◆ Zhanna Zharova at the ‘Soiree of Metaphors’



◆ ZIRA band at the ‘Soiree of Metaphors’



◆ ‘Book Energy’: Concert-Opening Ceremony of the Festival



◆ Gala Concert to the 30th Anniversary of the Independence of Ukraine



◆ Mikhail Bulgakov Literary Memorial Museum



◆ Solomiya Krushelnytska Music and Memorial Museum in Lviv, 2021



◆ Kherson Regional Museum of Local Lore



◆ Odessa in Ukrainian literature. XIX – early XX century. Lecture



Publishing News Series