Artem Chapai ‘About Humanity’. Conversation with the Writer. Presentation of the Novel ‘Weathering’


An autumn season of the Green Wave has started.
The events will take place till 16th October.

17th September at 5.00 pm, we are inviting You, Friends, to attend the meeting with a guest of the festival, writer Artem Chapai.

The meeting will take place in Odessa Regional Universal Scientific Library named after M. S. Grushevsky. The entrance is free.
We are expressing our gratitude to the library for the partnership and hospitality!

Artem Chapai – a Ukrainian writer, translator, reporter, traveller, member of the Ukrainian Centre of the International PEN-Club, author of the novels ‘Weathering’ (2021), ‘There Goes the Neighbourhood!’ (2021), ‘Strange People’ (2019), books about ‘the very’ Ukraine ‘The Ukraine’ (2018), ‘Dad on Paternity Leave’ (2016) – each time he tries to write in another genre; a nominee and laureate of both literary and journalistic awards.


In the novel ‘Weathering’ most of people disappear (weather) – but those who have remained also get their humanity to weather gradually. How much will people really change under extreme circumstances?

Even after the end of the world someone must work the angles and ruffle, take and give bribes, tear around for privileges, sow the seeds of hatred or conspiracy theory, whereas someone must, on the contrary, care for week people and help strangers, languish for fairness and be merciful, love, even joke, come what may.

Can one and the same person do both this and that?