Closing Ceremony of Green Wave Festival 2021. Soiree of Metaphors


16th October, Saturday, 4.00-6.00 pm, Odessa Literature Museum
‘A real daughter of imagination – metaphor, born in a flash of intuition, illumed with a long-lasting worriment of anticipation’ (Federico Garcia Lorca)

We have decided to have a closing celebration of the festival consisting of a summer and autumn seasons this year as a special literary soiree.
The main hero will be metaphor – a daughter of imagination, mother of poetry. Let us arrange a benefit for her! Let us elucidate her role in literature and our worldview!

The soiree will begin with champagne, as it will help us set ourselves up for a metaphoric mood, namely change the view of objects correlations.

Afterwards, we will try and get onto the versatility of metaphor. We will be talking about kings of metaphor, recalling on the best world literature metaphors.

We will be listening to the sound of metaphors in music, hunting for metaphors.

We will open a ‘Shop of Metaphors’ of contemporary Odessa writers.

The program participants are votaries of literature, science and art: writers, poets, literary critics, museologists, performers and musicians.

The partner of the program ‘Soiree of Metaphors’ is Odessa Literature Museum.

The Festival is supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

We are inviting everyone who appreciates literature to attend our ‘Soiree of Metaphors’.
✔ Free entrance providing the prior registration – the number of seats is limited; the museum can host not more than 70 attendees in the Golden Hall.
✔ The attendance rules are simple:

👉Please put a ‘+’ in comments and await your personal invitation.