Dispute ‘Adult Problems of Children`s Literature’


Everyone, join in the dispute!

Publishers, writers, book illustrators, educators, librarians, psychologists, parents, we need to talk!
❖ What is the most important in a children`s book?
❖ Publishing of children`s books – is it a business or socially significant mission?
❖ Does a social order exist in children`s literature?
Is the classical ‘Golden Bookshelf’ of children`s literature is on-trend now?
❖ Can one say that it is up to parents to choose children`s books, and namely their taste determines demand?
❖ What age does a child get an opportunity at to independently choose books? How actively do children use this opportunity?
❖ Who forms trends in the contemporary children`s book publishing – awards, Bologna market, Amazon Top 10?
❖ We will talk about global discourses in children`s literature and literature for teenagers;
❖ About the Ukrainian experience and development prospects for the children`s book publishing;
❖About how a new ethic reality is reflected in children`s literature.

Our colleagues from the UNESCO Cities of Literature will share their experience and examples of the progress of the children`s books publishing in different countries of the world.

We are inviting and those, who all of this is done for, – children and teens to join in the dispute.
Friends, join in!
The dispute ‘Adult Problems of Children`s Literature’ is one of the most significant events of the Green Wave Festival.

Meeting up on 6th August in Odessa National Scientific Library.
Discussing from 12.00 to 3.00 pm (with a coffee break).

Free entrance.