Festival 2020

XXIV International Book Festival ‘Green Wave’ was offline and online in 2020.

The offline festival was held in Odessa from 6th to 9th August 2020.

The festival centre was located over an area of 3000 m in T.G. Shevchenko Park: book market – in ‘the Book Alley’, program of events for adults and children – on ‘the Book Stage’ and in ‘the Territory of Art’. Some events were arranged in 4City, City Space.

The All-Ukrainian Forum ‘Ukrainian Book in Odessa Region’ was hosted as part of the festival in Odessa National Scientific Library. The entrance to all the festival events was free. The festival platforms worked from 10am to 9pm.

The book fair and all the festival events were attended by over 12 thousand people at a rough estimate.

People were buying books, communicating, listening to poetry, prose, music, participating in field-specific events. Readers, authors and publishers were getting acquainted with one another. Friends, we hope that you, like we, discovered something new and significant for yourself, got a useful bundle of knowledge, books and new acquaintances!

♦ 56 publishing houses and bookselling enterprises of Ukraine as well as some participants with relevant goods partook in the book festival.

♦ All in all, 96 festival events, whereof 44 were for children and teenagers, were held from 6th to 9th August in the offline program.

♦ The presentations of the publishing projects of the festival participants, meetings with authors, readings, poetic marathon, educational and informative programs for adults and children, chamber performances and concerts were hosted during 4 days non-stop on ‘the Book Stage’.

♦ Lviv National Literary-Memorial Museum of Ivan Franko brought a deambulatory display-labyrinth ‘Franko from A to Z’ to Odessa. It became possible thanks to the mutual efforts of the Ukrainian offices of UNESCO Cities of Literature – Lviv and Odessa with the assistance of the Odessa City Council.

♦ At the festival, we reckoned up the final score and awarded laurates of the professional book competitions of ‘Green Wave’:
▪ 37 books and authors in 19 nominations were selected in XVII Competition ‘Odessa on Pages of Books’.
Nomination ‘Top Book of the Year’:
Green Truck and Entire Oleksandr Kozachynskyi: in 2 vol. / Eds. M.B. Poizner, O.L. Grabovskyi, O.M. Barkovska. Odessa: TES, 2020.
▪ The best books were selected in 7 nominations in XVI Competition ‘Art of the Book’.
Nomination ‘Top Book of the Festival’:
Publishing House ‘Komora’. Lesia Ukrainka. ‘The Apocrypha’. Selected. / S. Shevchuk, O. Zabuzhko: Four Conversations about Lesia Ukrainka. Kyiv, 2020.

♦ We summed up the results of the public competition of short stories ‘Odessa Quarantine-2020’: 12 authors were awarded diplomas.

♦ The festival hosted a meeting with the project manager of the initiative ‘Innovative Cultural Product’ of the Ukrainian Cultural Fund, Natalia Bryl – ‘Opportunities Opened by the UKF’.

♦ The Korney-Chukovsky Festival of Children Literature, part and parcel of ‘Green Wave’, was represented as a program of presentations of children books, masterclasses of authors and illustrators, theatre and museum programs.

▪ We summed up and awarded laureates of the contests ‘Korney-Chukovskyi Award’ (international literary contest of compositions for children and youth), ‘Plentiful Talents’ (all-Ukrainian contest of creative writing), ‘iParus’ (all-Ukrainian contest of digital pictures), ‘IParus 3D pen’ (3D modelling contest).
▪ The Contest Jury of Readers, working since 2020, also awarded some children and teenagers.
▪ In total, 550 authors (300 authors aged 6 to 18; 250 authors aged 18 and older) took part in the contests of the Korney-Chukovsky Festival. The contest participants were from Ukraine (22 localities of the country), France, Israel, Russia, Slovakia, USA and Germany.
▪ The authors and librarian were presented with the collections of writings of ‘Korney-Chukovsky Award-2020. Verses. Tales. Stories’ and ‘Plentiful Talents-2020’ laureates, which were specially published for the festival.

♦ For the first time did ‘Green Wave’ arrange the All-Ukrainian Forum ‘Ukrainian Book in Odessa Region’. There were presentations of new books and publishing projects, creative meetups, masterclasses, discussions of topical publishing and book distribution issues, off-site Ukrainian Book Fest in Dobroslav, professional program for the personnel of libraries of Ukraine and foreign countries ‘OdessaBiblioSummit’, announcement of results of the contest ‘Best Book of the Forum ‘Ukrainian Book in Odessa Region’ and other events.

♦ A new virtual dimension of ‘Green Wave’ – online program was held from August to late October 2020 The financial assistance of the Ukrainian Cultural Fund made it possible to arrange this online program – the project won a grant in the initiative ‘Innovative Cultural Product’. Due to the risks of spreading COVID-19, we made the main program digital and extended its duration.

The online program of the Book Festival ‘Green Wave’ consisted of 60 video-events in 9 thematic cycles feat. 68 speakers – Ukrainian and international writers, poets, publishers, critics, culture researchers, mass media, cultural managers, readers. Countries: Ukraine, USA, Israel, Czech Republic, Italy, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Germany, Great Britain, Scotland, Australia.

Formats: monologues, dialogues, discussions, interviews, readings, lectures as teleconferences and video outreach sessions.

Cycles: ‘Reality of Fantasies’, ‘UNESCO Network: Literature Unites’, ‘Museum Booklore of Ukraine’, ‘Literary Myth of Odessa: who Needs It?’, ‘Readings From Afar’, ‘Oral Reviews: Reader`s Speaking’, ‘About Reading’, ‘Publishing News’, ‘Lectures/Conversations’.

The agenda was designed in August, September and October 2020. The livestreaming was in ‘Green Wave’ profile in Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/greenwaveod/ , distributed in the social media. The events of the program are saved on the Youtube channel of ‘Green Wave’ – http://surl.li/ehnb .

🏵 We are sincerely grateful to everyone who participated in the festival, all the sponsors, associates and friends, everyone assisting in implementing and publicising our project!

Festival 2020 was held with the assistance of:
Ukrainian Cultural Fund
Odessa Regional Public Administration
Odessa City Council
Office ‘Odesa – UNESCO City of Literature’

Prime Sponsor:

Ukrainian Association of Publishers and Book Distributors
Odessa National Scientific Library
Book Chef Publishing House
Office ‘Lviv – UNESCO City of Literature’
Worldwide Club of Odessans
City Space ‘4City’
Bristol Hotel-Associate of the Festival

Sponsors of the online programs:
BookChef Publishing House
Yakaboo Publishing
Publishing House ‘Bogdan’
Office ‘Odessa – UNESCO City of Literature’
Office ‘Lviv – UNESCO City of Literature’
Odessa Museum of Literature
Odessa Bookworms Club
LitBüro Club

Associates of the festival programs for children:
Future Education Center 3/7
Library for Children № 21
Odessa Regional V.P. Kataiev Library for Children
Central City Library Named after Ivan Franko
Odessa Regional V.V. Mayakovsky Library for Youth.

Media Associates:
Website ‘Chytomo’
Newspaper ‘Vechernyaya Odessa’
Online Publisher ‘Folga Media’
Website ‘Culturometr’
‘Narodnoe Radio 103.2’
IA ‘Media-Inform’
Radio Shark
Odnoklasnyk Magazine
Practical Photography Studio ‘FotografiYA’

Food Fellow Partners:
Shiko Café
City Food Market