Festival Events Guide

Friends, here you can find the links for all the requisite information about the festival.

From 5th to 8th August in T. Shevchenko Park – a book market, more information is here:

♦ Program at the Book Stage in T. Shevchenko Park for 5th-8th August:

♦ Program in the ‘Territory of Art’ for children and teenagers in T. Shevchenko Park for 5th-8th August:

♦ Agenda of Special Events (Londonskaya Hotel and Odessa National Scientific Library), 5th and 6th August:

♦ Announcements of the main events for 5th-8th August:

♦ About the festival:

See you, our Dear Bibliophiles!
And remember that it is just the first part of the festival!
We will meet again in September.
The video program of the festival will be hosted on our webpages from the mid of August to October.