Festival Pre-Premiere of the Interactive Performance ‘Neighbours. Housewarming’


The autumn season of the Green Wave Festival is ongoing.

As part of the program ‘Odessa in Literature. Literature in Odessa’:
15th October at 6.00 pm, New Platform #7 (16 Oleksandrivskyi Avenue)
Festival pre-premiere of the interactive performance with a full immersion in one shared flat in Odessa ‘Neighbours. Housewarming’.
The actors are within reach!

Based on the stories of Ilf and Petrov, A. Averchenko, M. Zoshchenko, Teffie, V. Kataiev,
M. Zhvanetskyi, A. Losieva.

Attendance rules:
Entrance by invitation only. The festival presents a free run-through to the audience, and New Platform #7 presents a dinner at cost price.

✔ Please get registered at http://perron7.com.ua/greenwave to receive an invitation and wait for a call.