Literature as Therapy


Next event of the festival autumn season

Literature as Therapy

Meeting with a writer, Mark Livin, co-host of the radio podcast ‘In Simple Words’

Normally, text is a therapy for an author. How does text then become a therapy for a reader or, instead, it becomes something destructive?
What do we read out from books? And what do we read in?
How does literature help a person change internally?
If literature heals, which mechanisms are engaged in?

We will also expand the subject of discussion and talk about mental health in Ukraine: why it is important, what it influences, and how to start caring of yourself.

The meeting will be held as part of the program cycle ‘Literary Tour’.

Mark Livin – a contemporary Ukrainian writer and journalist, deputy chief editor of The Village Ukraine
– a co-author of the popular podcast about psychology ‘In Simple Words’ and eponymously-named bestseller book
– an author of the books ‘Indian Summer’, ‘Rivers and Roads’ (on the IBBY list of outstanding books for disabled people), ‘Storytelling for the Eyes, Ears and Heart’, ‘In Simple Words’, ‘How to Understand Own Emotions’
– a co-founder (with the writer Kateryna Babkina) of the project for popularisation of reading in Ukrainian #bookchallenge_ua (total project reach – over 2.5 mln users).

We will have our meeting on 9th October at 4 pm in Odessa M. Grushevsky Regional Universal Scientific Library.

We are expressing our gratitude to the library for the partnership and hospitality!

🍁 The festival autumn season is ongoing.

The Green Wave Festival is hosted with the assistance of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.