Moderators and Hosts of the Festival Programs


We are glad to introduce to You our moderators and hosts of the festival programs!

Tetiana Trofymenko (Kharkiv) – a critic, literature expert, cultural facilitator.
Moderating special events of the festival ‘New Measurement of Freedom of Expression’, ‘Adult Problems of Children`s Literature’ and ‘The Sword of Damocles of the Ukrainian Literature: How a Counterfeit Kills the Book Market’.

Olena Kontsevych (Odessa) – a translator of the Balkan languages, radio host, literary reporter, journalist.
Hosting a varied program at the Festival Book Stage in Shevchenko Program.

Igor Oks (Odessa) – a host of a morning show ‘The City is Waking Up’ on Odesa.Live. Showman.
Hosting an opening ceremony of the festival and presentation ‘Literary Manuscript-Quote Book’ with a procedure of registration of a record of Ukraine.

Artem Detochkyn (Odessa) – host of the Radio Folk.
At the festival, hosting a laureates awarding ceremony of iParus Digital Image Contest for Children and Teenagers.
Friends, see you at the festival!