‘Odessa in Literature. Literature in Odessa’ – a new cycle of the festival


‘Odessa in Literature. Literature in Odessa’ is a new festival cycle that we are up to make regular.

The first series – now in August.
And then lots of noteworthy authors and topics will be in Odessa.


✦ Creative meeting with Volodymyr Rutkivskyi.
Presentation of a book ‘On the Shores of the Memory: from the Book of Memories’.
✦ ‘Backflips of Odessa Humour’. By a writer, Pavlo Makarov.
3.00-3.45 pm
✦ ‘Let a Line Halt Your Breathe’. Presentation of new books of Igor Pototskyi: ‘Fantasies about Yurii Trusov’, ‘Labyrinths of Art’, ‘Poems about Ghetto’. With the participation of a musician, Oleksii Semenyshchev.
4.00-4.30 pm
✦ Presentation of new publications of Odessa Literature Museum.
• 9th Issue of the scientific collection ‘House of Knyaz Gagarin’.
• Book of feature stories by Olena Yavorska ’42 Stories about, or It Was, Was in Odessa’.
• Collection of poems ‘Ships Sailing On The Sea: marine art of Ukrainian poets-avant-gardists of the 1920s, created at the Odessa seaside’
• Book ‘Mykhailo Zhuk, Ivan Lypa. Tales for Sons’.
8.00-9.00 pm
✦ ‘Was It at the Sea Where the Wave is Turquoise’.
Reading of poems by the members of the Green Lamp Studio.
Galyna Markelova, Anna Stremynska, Yevgenii Ushan, Irma Petrova, Vlada Iliinska, Yuliia Melnyk, Yuliia Tsymbal, Maksym Karasiov, Ladyslav Kytyk, Viktoriia Deshyko, Nail Muratov, Kateryna Kharchenko, Anna Malitska, Olga Ilnytska, Anastasiia Zinevych.


1.00-1.40 pm
✦ ‘Let`s Play in Bouts-Rimes!’ Presentation of the anthology ‘Disappeared’.
Participants: Yevgenii Golubovskyi, Yevgenii Demenok, Olena Andreichykova, Anna Mikhalevska, Vlada Iliinska, Viktoriia Korytnianska, Vitia Brevis, Anna Stremynska, Iryna Fingerova.
3.00-3.40 pm
✦ Reading of poems. ‘Alkonost’.
Yuliia Melnyk is to be reading the poems from her new collection.


1.00-1.45 pm
✦ Book Contest ‘Odessa on Pages of Books’
2.00-2.45 pm
✦ Program ‘Ironic Odessa’.
Participants: poets, bards and prose writers: Igor Bozhko, Oleksii Semenyshchev, Yevgenii Ushan, Anna Stremynska, Vadym Landa, Olga Yershova, Anna Malitska. Moderator – Nail Muratov.
3.30-4.15 pm
✦ To win in a battle with the war. Presentation of the novel by Anna Mikhalevska ‘One Is to Win. One Can`t Lose.’
Yevgenii Golubovskyi, journalist, publicist, culture researcher.
Anna Mikhalevska, fantasy writer, essayist, literary critic.
Yurii Kovalskyi, publisher, publicist, writer.
Viktoriia Korytnianska, biologist, lore expert, writer and journalist.

See you at the festival!