Oleksandr Irvanets. Artistic Freedom in the Totalitarian Society


An autumn season of the Green Wave Festival has started.
The events will take place till 16th October.

14th September at 5.00 pm, we are inviting You, Friends, to attend the meeting and conversation with a guest of the festival, writer and translator, Oleksandr Irvanets.

The meeting will take place in Odessa Regional Universal Scientific Library named after M. S. Grushevsky.
The entrance is free.
We are expressing our gratitude to the library for hospitality!

Oleksandr Irvanets – a poet, prose writer, dramatist, translator, treasurer of Bu-Ba-Bu, author of more than 30 books, translator of plays, prose and poetry, critic, essayist, scriptwriter (film ‘The Leader’).


The meeting will be about examples of artistic freedom in the totalitarian society.
In the digital era are the totalitarianism methods changing slowly, and the methods of opposition to totalitarianism are changing too.
Oleksandr Irvanets will trace it through the example of Belarus and contemporary Belarusian literature, particularly through the example of the prose and poetry of Uladzimier Arlov and ways of reaching out to a reader. He will tell us about Lukashenko`s relationships with the representatives of the creative community (Vasil Bykav, Uladzimier Niakliaiev, Ales Pushkin) and changes in these relationships during a quarter of the century of the dictator`s governance.
We will be listening to the verses of Oleksandr Irvanets and his translations.
This will also be about a new measurement of freedom of expression and writer`s intellectual honesty.

❖ Moderator: Olena Kontsevych, translator of the Balkan languages, radio host, literary reporter, journalist.

Join in this instrumental conversation!