OVO Literature Agency in Odessa


In the program ‘Literary Tour’
OVO Literature Agency in Odessa

6th August, 11.30-12.00, Book Stage, Shevchenko Park
◇ Roksolana Sioma presenting a book ‘Reflex of a Jellyfish’.
◇ Pavlo Matiusha presenting a book ‘Kokliko’.

6th August, 12.40-12.55, Book Stage, Shevchenko Park
◇ Sergii Demchuk presenting a book ’12 Ounces of Love’.

7th August, 3.00-4.00 pm, Book Stage, Shevchenko Park
◇ Meeting with the new wave authors from OVO Literature Agency.

Participants: Stanislav Strilets, Tea Sanina.
7th August, 8.30-9.30 pm, Book Stage, Shevchenko Park
◇ Performance ‘Love. Sea. Night’
Performed by Pavlo Matiusha, Mykola Kulinich, Yurii Smalius.
What does the sea whisper to its shore? What secrets do lovers share with one another? How does night sound? Poets will be answering

these questions in their new program ‘Love-Sea-Night’. Here lyrics, philosophy, rhythm rime with August, sea and Odessa.
And more:
◇ 5th August, Pavlo Matiusha and Roksolana Sioma will be partaking in the discussion ‘New Measurement of Freedom of Expression’ (2.00 pm, Londonskaya Hotel, Aivazovsky Hall).
◇ 6th August, Sergii Demchuk will be partaking in the blitz-interview ‘Book Energy’ (12.00, Book Stage, Shevchenko Park).


Viktoriia Ma, CEO, founder of Ovo Literature Agency, literary manager, simultaneous interpreter
Pavlo Matiusha, poet, prose writer, translator; winner of the 2nd Book Pitch from OIFF and Book Arsenal, double laureate of Smoloskyp Contest; author of the novel ‘Kokliko’, collection of poems ‘Paris. Spleen’ and books of fairy tales ‘Viiechka’; member of the musical-poetic project ‘(f)Udge’.
Roksolana Sioma, writer, artist; winner of many contests as author-performer; author of the novels ‘Vacations in Tangermuende’ (2012), ‘Head’ (2016), ‘Allied Worlds’ (2018), ‘Reflex of a Jellyfish’ (2012); honoured: literary contest of Smoloskyp Publishing (2010), awards ‘Debut of the Year’ from the Book Portal ‘Reader`s Friend’ (2012), all-Ukrainian literary award named after Oleksandra Kravchenko (Deville) (2013), all-Ukrainian literary contest ‘Dnipro-Book-Fest’ (2019), international literary contest ‘Word Coronation’ (2020).
Mykola Kulinich, poet, translator, slam movement member; issued two collections of poems; member of the musical-poetic projects ‘Achilles and Turtle’ and ‘(f)Udge’.
Sergii Demchuk, writer, journalist; author of the books ‘Shadows on the Stairs’, ‘Inter-Season’, ’12 Ounces of Love’; laureate of the awards ‘Smoloskyp’, ‘Blagovist’, ‘Granoslov’.
Stanislav Strilets, photographer and designer from Kyiv; collaborated with New York Times, T-Magazine, Playboy Ukraine, National Geographic and others; leisure activities – growing orchids and numismatics.
Tea (Tetiana) Sanina, author of scientific popular articles, researcher of childhood practices, senior lecturer at the sociology department of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, producer of film and video projects, family mediator, supervisor of mediators. A debut novel ‘Dance of Porcupines’ was published in June this year. The second book of a planned trilogy is prepared for publishing.
Yurii Smalius, Dj, producer, soundman, arranger and musician, co-worked in releases with lots of independent and famous Ukrainian performers of various musical styles – Pianoboy, Boombox, NastiaZnykaie, Janis, Jango, Ivan Dorn, Sunsay, Sergii Babkin, Vagabond Specter, Gouache, Oleksii Mochanov, The Britalin, Yokodo, Tabula Rasa, Roll Models, Anderson, Nicholas Tym, Kadnay, Sister Siren, Sontsia Kolo, Mazzaflunka, High Light, Gorskiy Project and others.


✦ ‘Literary Tour’ – a new program cycle of the Green Wave Festival.


➤ The project is supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.
➤ The standpoint of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation might discord with the authors` viewpoints.