Participants of the Discussion ‘New Measurement of Freedom of Expression’


We will introduce to You, Dear Friends, the participants of the discussion ‘New Measurement of Freedom of Expression’. Join in the conversation! You can get engaged immediately or listen to silently.
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⧫ Tetiana Trofymenko, literary critic (Kharkiv)
Offline speakers:
⧫ Anna Khriakova, manager of international projects and communications of the office ‘Lviv-UNESCO City of Literature’ (Lviv)
⧫ Iryna Biriukova, Director General of Odessa National Scientific Library (Odessa)
⧫ Kateryna Demianchuk, director of BOOKCHEF Publishing (Kyiv)
⧫ Yurii Volodarskyi, journalist, critic, literature columnist of SHO Magazine (Kyiv)
⧫ Yuliia Piatetska, journalist, chief editor of Gordon Boulevard Newspaper (Kyiv)
⧫ Ostap Slyvynskyi, poet, translator, literature expert (Lviv)
⧫ Maksym Urakin, marketing director of Interfax-Ukraine (Kyiv)
⧫ Pavlo Matiusha, writer (Kyiv)
⧫ Roksolana Sioma, writer (Kyiv)
⧫ Yevgenii Demenok, writer, journalist, Avant-garde historian (Odessa/Prague)
⧫ Taia Naidenko – poet, writer, journalist (Odessa)
⧫ Borys Yavorskyi, PhD in Medical Science, doctor-forensic medical examiner, blogger (Odessa)

Telebridges with the speakers:
⧫ Robert Piaskowski (Poland), authorised cultural representative of the Mayor of Krakow.
⧫ Oleksandr Demianchuk (Ukraine),, professor, translator. Based on the books of Moises Naim ‘The End of Power’ and Yuval Noah Harari ’21 Lessons for the 21st Century’. For BOOKCHEF Publishing.


Discussion ‘New Measurement of Freedom of Expression’
5th August, 2.00-4.00 pm, Londonskaya Hotel, Aivazovsky Hall.
What is happening with freedom of expression nowadays?
When everything is filtered by people themselves in their fear of possible punishments.
When life gradually loses a chance to be evaluated.
When… But, may it be good? As there are many talks round about, and there is less and less freedom.
We will be discussing all of this.

Issues to be discussed:
⧫ Impact of the digital era on freedom of expression
⧫ Can freedom of expression be absolute?
⧫ Limits of freedom of expression
⧫ Impact of the new ethics on freedom of expression. Is it not a law for us in Ukraine?
⧫ Self-censoring.
⧫ Freedom of expression in literature.

➤ The project is supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.
➤ The standpoint of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation might discord with the authors` viewpoints.