Speakers of the Dispute ‘Adult Problems of Children`s Literature’


Let us introduce to You, Friends, the speakers of the dispute ‘Adult Problems of Children`s Literature’, as part of the festival program.

We are looking forward to welcoming You all in Odessa National Scientific Library on 6th August. Start at 12.00.

The entrance is free.

Tetiana Trofymenko, literary critic

Offline speakers:
Iryna Biriukova, Director General of Odessa National Scientific Library (Odessa).
Oleksandr Afonin, President of the Ukrainian Association of Book Publishers and Book Sellers (Kyiv).
Mariana Gorianska, chief editor of the Publishing House ‘Ranok’ (Kyiv).
Kateruna Demianchuk, director of BOOKCHEF Publishing (Kyiv).
Anna Maligon, poet, prose writer (Kyiv).
Taia Naidenko, writer, poet, journalist (Odessa).
Natalia Zadorozhna, founder of the non-governmental organisation for development and socialisation of teenagers ‘OOOM’.
Book Publisher Oleg Symonenko (Chas Maistriv Publishing House), Kyiv, may join in if he makes it.
Telebridges with the speakers:
Holly Webb, writer (Great Britain).
Cyrus McEwen, President of the Children`s Book Council of Australia, librarian, columnist (Australia).
Andrea Pau, writer (Italy), author of children`s and comic books, scriptwriter (Italy).

Angela Lypinska, member of the Reading Jury of the Festival, 11 years
Kira Turchanova, reader, 11 years


Issues to be discussed:
⧫ What is the most important in a children`s book?
⧫ Does a social order exist in children`s literature?
⧫ Is the classical ‘Golden Bookshelf’ of children`s literature is on-trend now?
⧫ Can one say that it is up to parents to choose children`s books, and namely their taste determines demand?
⧫ What age does a child get an opportunity at to independently choose books? How actively do children use this opportunity?
⧫ Who forms trends in the contemporary children`s book publishing – awards, Bologna market, Amazon Top 10?
⧫ We will talk about global discourses in children`s literature and literature for teenagers;
⧫ About the Ukrainian experience and development prospects for the children`s book publishing; ⧫ About how a new ethic reality is reflected in children`s literature.

See you there!

➤ The project is supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.
➤ The standpoint of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation might discord with the authors` viewpoints.