Special Events

➤ The project is supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.
➤ The standpoint of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation might discord with the authors` viewpoints.


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Discussion ‘New Measurement of Freedom of Expression’

5th August, 2.00-4.00 pm, Odessa National Scientific Library.

Keep it to yourself!
For nothing terrible to happen!

What is happening with freedom of expression nowadays?
When everything is filtered by people themselves in their fear of possible punishments.
When life gradually loses a chance to be evaluated.
When… But, may it be good? As there are many talks round about, and there is less and less freedom.
We will be discussing all of this.

Issues to be discussed:
⧫ Impact of the digital era on freedom of expression
⧫ Can freedom of expression be absolute?
⧫ Limits of freedom of expression
⧫ Impact of the new ethics on freedom of expression. Is it not a law for us in Ukraine?
⧫ Self-censoring.
⧫ Freedom of expression in literature.

So, we are inviting you to join in the discussion ‘New Measurement of Freedom of Expression’ with the participation of Ukrainian publicists, writers, journalists, representatives of the UNESCO cities of literature.

The discussion will be offline at the hall with the connection with the remote speakers by means of telebridges. Simultaneous interpretation.
Free entrance.


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Dispute ‘Adult Problems of Children`s Literature’

Meeting up on 6th August in Odessa National Scientific Library.

Discussing from 12.00 to 3.00 pm (with a coffee break).

Free entrance.

Everyone, join in the dispute!

Publishers, writers, book illustrators, educators, librarians, psychologists, parents, we need to talk!
❖ What is the most important in a children`s book?
❖ Publishing of children`s books – is it a business or socially significant mission?
❖ Does a social order exist in children`s literature?
Is the classical ‘Golden Bookshelf’ of children`s literature is on-trend now?
❖ Can one say that it is up to parents to choose children`s books, and namely their taste determines demand?
❖ What age does a child get an opportunity at to independently choose books? How actively do children use this opportunity?
❖ Who forms trends in the contemporary children`s book publishing – awards, Bologna market, Amazon Top 10?
❖ We will talk about global discourses in children`s literature and literature for teenagers;
❖ About the Ukrainian experience and development prospects for the children`s book publishing;
❖About how a new ethic reality is reflected in children`s literature.

Our colleagues from the UNESCO Cities of Literature will share their experience and examples of the progress of the children`s books publishing in different countries of the world.

We are inviting and those, who all of this is done for, – children and teens to join in the dispute.
Friends, join in!
The dispute ‘Adult Problems of Children`s Literature’ is one of the most significant events of the Green Wave Festival.


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Discussion ‘The Sword of Damocles of the Ukrainian Literature: How a Counterfeit Kills the Book Market’.

6th August, 4.00 pm, Odessa National Scientific Library.

Free Entrance

Livestreaming to the Facebook page of the festival (the recording will be also available after the livestreaming).
Issues to be discussed:
• What is counterfeit, contraband, piracy. Differences.
• How major is the problem of contraband and counterfeit?
• Where does the counterfeit literature come from?
• How is counterfeit sold?
• What system changes can serve to the Ukrainian book market?
• Reminder: how a cross reader can differ a counterfeit from an original.

▷ Oleksandr Kirpichov, CEO at BOOKCHEF Publishing;
▷ Ivan Bogdan, CEO at Yakaboo (online);
▷ Viktor Kruglov, Director General of the Publishing House ‘Ranok’ (online);
▷ Oleksandr Afonin, President of the public association ‘Ukrainian Association of Book Publishers and Book Sellers’;
▷ Iryna Biriukova, Director General of Odessa National Scientific Library.