Statement. Author`s Dramalogue


The second series of the festival will start in September. Get ready, Friends!

The program seen by the audience just once as part of Odessa Classics Festival will open this series.

And now, this premiere event will garnish the program of our festival.

Friends, we will be waiting for you in the Golden Hall of Odessa Literature Museum on 7th September at 7.00 pm. The entrance is free.

➤ The festival is supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.



Author`s Dramalogue

Text: Olena Abdreichykova
Music: Oleksii Petukhov

The statement of a perplexed person. A perplexed woman. A woman who has lost her old dreams and is nowhere near to find some new ones…
Unfortunate honesty is a distinguishing hallmark of the prose of Olena Andreichykova. She often elaborates on sore subjects that are custumal to internalise disengaging oneself from the society when such dissociation only intensifies a problem though and adds to the inner argosy a feeling of guiltiness for that ‘everyone is happy, and I am a freak’.

And, of course, the magic of music! Oleksii Petukhov – a piano player, composer, orchestrator. His improvisations are distinguished with expressiveness, broad emotional amplitude and integrity at the same time. His original music is graced with exquisite ethereality and nobleness.

Paradox imageries framed with musical improvisations based on classic, jazz and popular compositions.