Heading Towards a Record High! ‘Literary Manuscript-Quote Book’


Friends! Join in a new project of Green Wave that is to be registered as a record of Ukraine marked as ‘the highest’!

Literary Manuscript-Quote Book
For 25 days to the 25th Anniversary of the Festival

The Literary Manuscript-Quote Book (collection book in A3 format in a single copy) will be created by a wide range of the reading community to the 25th Anniversary of the Green Wave Book Festival for 25 days.

We are inviting everyone willing to – children aged from 6 and adult book lovers to join in creating this manuscript.

From 13th July to 4th August 2021, everyone will get a chance to write down himself a quote from his favourite literary work on the page of the quote book.

You can do this in Odessa National Scientific Library; in the libraries of the Centralised City Librarian System for Children, libraries of the Centralised Librarian System for Adults.

Drafted pages to be filled out will be in a free access in these libraries.

The collection book will be multilingual. It is acceptable to quote a favourite composition of the world literature in an original language.

We will store all the pages filled out by you under the printed out cover and make a book of them.

The record registration will be on 6th August at the Green Wave Book Festival in T. G. Shevchenko Park. The representative of ‘Records of Ukraine’ will register a size of the quote book, number of pages and number of inscriptions.

After the end of the festival, the quote book will be delivered to the custody of the Archive of Odessa National Scientific Library.
Join in! Make your own contribution to such a wonderful unique book!